Vax S2 steam mopThe Vax S2 Steam Mop 


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When it comes to any type of steam cleaning product we highly recommended the Vax brand. We believe the Vax S2 floor master for hard floors is the best buy with its high customer rating & reviews.

The Vax S2 is a very powerful steam cleaning mop with is suitable to for multiple hard floor types including lino, tile floors & wood floorings. It can also be used on carpets but an addition vacuum of the carpet may be required after using the Vax steam mop. It will break down grease, stains & disinfect carpets as well as hard floors. It comes complete with an attachment that refreshes rugs & carpets.

Its an amazing machine that will help keep your home clean & hygienic, clear from harmful bacteria’s, germs & other allergy coursing contaminants such as dust mites & pollen. You don’t have to use detergents any more which is also great for your health, the environment & saves you money too.

Simply fill the S2 tank up with some water & the machine is ready to use within seconds & gives a cleaning time of up to 20 minutes before refilling is required. The water used in the steam mop water tank is very little which makes it light weight & super easy to manoeuvre.

So what is a steam mop?

A steam mop looks much link a regular mop with a long handle & cleaning attachment at the bottom. But instead of using water & soaking a mop head it uses steam to clean carpets & other hard floorings.

Regular mopping requires the use of bleach, detergents or other cleaning agents to clean & disinfect the floor surface. No cleaning agent products are required with a steam mop as the extremely hot steam jet which thoroughly cleans & disinfects without the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

Sounds great, how does it work?

The steam mop works much like a steam cleaner. There is a small water tank reservoir attached to the mop handle where the water is heated to around 120c. The water is then release at the base of the mop in the form of dry steam by gets ( as many as 15 on some models ), which moistens a microfibre pad. The pad becomes slightly wet & helps to draw up & remove the dirt from the floor.

Steam the steam mop is far superior at cleaning over a regular mop. It kills up to 99% of all Bactria, germ & viruses that may be on the floor surface. It cleans far more effectively by breaking dirt & stains down using the intense heat from the steam, penetrating right through the most ground on dirt.

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Key features

  • Versatile Steam Cleaning Mop – Refresh carpets & clean all hard floor types
  • Environmentally – No need for cleaning detergents
  • 20 minutes a steam cleaning time
  • Kills 99% all bacteria & viruses
  • Great for allergy sufferers
  • Easy to use & store with it compact & light weight design
  • 20 minutes steam time – refill less often
What’s In The Box?

1 x Vax S2 Hard Floor Master Upright Steam Stick
2 x Microfiber base cleaning pad
1 x Additional carpet glider
1 x Water measuring jug
1 x Card for registering Guarantee
1 x Instructions manual

What are others saying about this product?

I had tried steam cleaners & a steam mop before but this new Vax mop was far better in comparison. Honestly the results from the Vax appliance are amazing, floors come up looking brand new & some stains I though were permanent the Vax S2 mop took them right out. There were a few stains that I had been tried to remove for ages & thought I was going to have to get professional cleaner in to remove them, you can imagine my surprise & how impressed I was when this Vax steam removed them.
The mop is light weight, easy to use & move around this house. I also own a Vax vacuum cleaner which does a fantastic job & I now have this great new Vax appliance for my home. This model comes with a 2 year guarantee which I think speaks for itself. I am a very satisfied, happy customer & would recommend this or any other Vax product to other.