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If you have carpets in your home then I’m sure you are fully aware as to how easily they can become dirty. Laminate flooring is a much easer floor surface to keep clean in comparison to carpets but we all have different lasts when it comes to decorating our home. Personally I prefer laminate flooring but my wife much prefers the warmth, comfort & sound proofing that you get with carpets.

So to compromise we have both laminate & carpet flooring in our home but the problem with the carpets is cleaning. I discovered a steam Vax steam mop cleaning carpetscleaner for carpets which works amazingly well which all talk about in more detail in just second. It is all too easy to end up with a stained carpet from things such as spilled coffee, wine & foods. With the carpet being underfoot & walked on every day the inevitable muddy foot print or the dreaded dog poo is unavoidable. This can be an even bigger problem if you have children running in & out from the Garden all day.

Carpet fibbers are notorious for soaking up liquids that are spilled on them. Things such as a cup of coffee or glass of red wine & other liquids are bound to leave a permanent stain. To remove a stubborn stain like this you have a few options. Firstly you could attempt to clean the carpet with a wet cloth & detergent or carpet cleaner link Vanish but this never seems to fully lift the stain out of the carpet. Secondly you could hire a carpet cleaning company to come to your home to clean your carpet but this could become a mounting cost with every stain.

Lastly get yourself a steam cleaner for cleaner your carpets. Now a steam cleaner is not just restricted to one use but capable of multiple cleaning jobs around your home. It can clean things like your oven, windows, and tiles, just about anything you would normally clean around the home. Most good steam cleaners come with attachment for different cleaning jobs & the one that I particularly like is for cleaning carpets or laminate flooring. Let me tell you that these things are amazing at cleaning stains from carpets & the steam from these cleaners kill 99% of all bacteria by sanitizing and disinfecting the surface the hot steam comes in contact with, which is jut great of you happen to walk dog poo into your house.

Steam cleaners work by destroying & removing stains with a high pressure steam. There is not cleaning liquids required with the appliance that is another money saver.

Not only are the stains in carpets from the result of spilled liquids unsightly but the moisture trapped within the carpet can result in the built up of mildew and mould growth. These mould are not a nice thing to have in your home & could be bad for you health. Steam cleaner release a dry steam vapour which removes the stain or mould without leaving the carpet wet. It really is an incredible cleaning appliance.
Not only will the carpet be free from stain & bacteria but also odourless & the steam cleaner will remove bad smells too. This is particularly  good for spillages such as milk. For just a one off payment to buy the steam cleaner you can take care of you carpet for years without having to hire a carpet cleaner or buy any other cleaning detergent.

You can also but a steam mop which works in the same way as a steam cleaner machine but is designed like a mop. This design makes the cleaning of carpets & other floor types very easy.

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