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You can clean your house or you can clean your house AND make it more sanitary. The Trueshopping ‘Hyginus’ steam cleaner will do the latter. This small and compact steam cleaner will produce 1600 watts of power to heat water. Once heater the cleaner will produce steam pressure of 4.5 bars. The boiler capacity is 1.75 liters and this water is heated to 150 degrees maximum temperature. This is perfect for cleaning kitchen countertops, stove, faucets, toilets, windows, mattresses and carpets.

This steam cleaner is given the name ‘Hyginus’ because it has been scientifically proven to kill dust mites, kill germs and neutralize allergens. If you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies, the Trueshopping Hyginus steam cleaner can help to improve the cleanliness of your house to reduce the impact on your allergies. Since you are using the power of steam to clean your house, you do not have to worry about using heavy duty chemicals that could potentially damage the area to be cleaned.

The Trueshopping Hyginus is a very compact steam cleaner. It weighs only 7.6 kg. It includes a large number of accessories that are perfect for cleaning a wide range of surfaces.

• Glass scraperHyginus steam cleaner
• Funnel
• Towel sleeve for floor brush
• Trigonal brush
• Measuring cup
• Steam jet gun
• Towel sleeve for trigonal brush
• Prolong tube
• Accessory linker
• Handle components with hose
• Floor brush

Trueshopping has outstanding customer service. They will provide full refunds within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the product. Purchasers of this product have rated it 4  out of 5 stars by customers at Amazon. The only negatives that I could find is that some people have found it a little tough to open the container to refill water.

What are other people saying about this cleaner?

By Geoff; London: I decided on the Trueshopping model steam cleaner as the rating & reviews were good. I’ve had it for just less than 1 year now & it is an excellent little machine. I’ve used it to clean many things & the machine will remove stains, lime scale & ground on dirt without a problem.
I’ve had a karcher steam cleaner which was very good but I decided to upgrade to the Trueshopping cleaner, both have never let me down but I prefer this model as the quality is great & it’s so easy to use. The machine will take care of any cleaning job in the house. I had some stubborn tile grout that needed remove & this steam cleaner got it off no problem. I was sceptical that it wouldn’t be able to but I was wrong.
Don’t be fooled by the low price, this is a high quality machine than easy to use. All in I’m extremely happy with this product & I would recommend others to buy it.